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Adobe Lightroom 3 Available for Just $79 Today at

I just came across this offer and wanted to share it with you. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 (Full Edition, not the Student/Teacher Edition) is available today only (2/14/2012) for $79 at Lightroom 4 will probably be released sometime in the upcoming 8 weeks or so, but if you don’t have a full edition, you will need to pay for a full version. I assume any full edition of Lightroom to date (LR1, LR2 or LR3) will be eligible for the upgrade price, but I don’t know that for a fact. Having a full edition allows you to upgrade for less than the application’s retail price. In the past (as shown in the screen shot below from the Adobe Store), the upgrade from LR1 to LR3 and LR2 to LR3 has been $99 (it may be less elsewhere). It is both Mac and Windows compatible.


To go directly to the page on with the $79 offer, visit this Page.
(please note that this is an affiliate link. If you would prefer not to use my affiliate link, just enter “Lightroom 3” into the search box on the site)


Recommended Photo Learning Site: Typical Shutterbug Podcast

From time to time I like to recommend outstanding blogs, podcasts, etc., and this is one of them: The Typical Shutterbug Podcast. I just listened to three recent podcasts on my iPod Touch and I highly recommend them for photographers of any level.

Victor Cajiao is someone whom I’ve known for years, and we’ve met on a few occasions at trade shows. His smiling face on the home page of his other Podcast, Typical Mac User (also highly recommended), depicts his very friendly, easy-going manner. I really like how he interviews people from many areas of the photo and video world. The product picks and suggestions from Victor and his guests, from inexpensive accessories to plug-ins and hardware at the end of most shows are particularly interesting. You will also find screencasts and slideshows on the site. A few years ago, I was also a guest on the show, which you listen to here. I also contributed a short photo tip for this show.

On the site, which you can find at, you can explore by either clicking on the play buttons inside each blog post to listen right away on your computer, or you can subscribe via iTunes (see the link in the sidebar) . Enjoy!

and I also contributed to this show.

This link will take you to the home page, where you can explore by either clicking on the play buttons to listen in the browser, or you can subscribe via iTunes from this link. Enjoy!


Two Recent Articles on Factors to Consider when Choosing an Inkjet Printer

I recently wrote two pretty long articles for covering factors to consider when choosing an inkjet printer. When all was said and done, I wrote about 7000 words total for both articles thanks to the number of printers on the market, as well as the many topics to consider before making an investment in a printer (from costs to RIP options). I added information about my personal experiences with inkjet printers, and I included a number of printer model names and specific suggestions throughout the article. The first covers printers up to 17 inches in width, and the second covers printers up to 44 inches in width (the widest paper size that can fed into a printer).

You can read the articles by visiting the links below: