Take Control E-Books 50% Off Sale Ends Tuesday 10/14/2008

I just received my weekly TidBITS e-mail in my in-box with this announcement. TidBITS is a great newsletter published by TidBITS Publishing Inc. I’ve purchased a few of the Take Control e-books over the years and I’ve listened to many of the authors discuss their e-books on one of my favorite Podcasts: MacVoices with Chuck Joiner.


The company is having a 50% off sale until end of day on 10/14/2008, which is a great value since many of the books are in the $10-15 range to begin with. There are currently 58 Take Control e-books on a wide range of Mac-related subjects, and according to the post by Adam Engst that describes their 5th Anniversary sale, some of the most popular titles to date have been Joe Kissell’s “Take Control of Mac OS X Backups,” and Glenn Fleishman’s books on AirPort networking. I’ve read Adam Engst’s and Glenn Fleishman’s Wireless Networking Starter Kit and consider it an incredibly well-written and researched book (it is a printed book).

Of course, technology changes fast, so publishing books as e-books has helped TidBITS make many titles possible that may not have been possible had they been published in printed form. Plus, the Take Control authors will often update their books and make the updated PDFs available at no charge, which is a great bonus for those who buy the e-books.

You can find out more about the 50% off sale Take Control e-books on the TidBITS site here. The direct link with the coupon code can be found on that page about four lines into the article.