The Newest Platypod, Platypod eXtreme, just launched via Kickstarter 4/6/2022

Before I get started, if you’d like a “Quick Link” to the Kickstarter project for the Platypod eXtreme that I mention below, You Can Find It Here. Or just click on the image below:

Platypod eXtreme

Platypod eXtreme compact tripod and case. Photo courtesy Platypod Pro LLC

Now for the longer story…

I have great respect for inventors who create products or services that solve their own problems, and then follow-up by creating products and/or services to help others who have similar wants or needs.

The Platypod and Platyball product lines are perfect examples of that. I’ve been following the story of the company’s founder Larry Tiefenbrunn since the first Platypod hit the market in 2015. I then backed the Platypod Ultra in 2017, the Platyball Ergo in 2019 and today, April 6, 2022, I backed the Platypod eXtreme on Kickstarter.

The Platypod is described by the company as an “all terrain camera support,” and the best way to see what it (as well as their Platyball tripod heads) can do is to watch some videos of the products in use, like the ones on the company’s website at

Another great resource is the video replay of a livestream from earlier today on THE GRID with Scott Kelby. On the show, the product was described by Larry Tiefenbrunn, Scott Kelby and photographer Lizzy Gadd. Some of Lizzy Gadd’s incredible environmental self-portraiture was featured throughout the show, as well as some “behind-the-scenes” photographs showing how she used the Platypod eXtreme on location. To say that I was blown away by Lizzy’s work is an understatement!

A replay of the livestream can be found below:

And to see more of Lizzie Gadd’s work, visit:

And here’s some more technical information about Platypod eXtreme from the company’s press materials:

Like all Platypods, the new eXtreme utilizes four independently adjustable legs for precise adjustment on uneven terrain, and greater stability than conventional three-legged tabletop and travel tripods. What makes the new model unique is that the threaded legs not only adjust up and down, but also rotate for instant deployment (Editor’s note: Those new rotating legs are a big deal! That’s because of the speed at which they can be deployed compared with the previous models.)

When not in use, the legs fold flat for storage and needn’t be removed. The Platypod eXtreme also features an integrated handle and multiple attachment points for compact lights, extension posts, and other important mobile accessories.

Barely 5mm thick, measuring only 7.75×5.25 inches (19.7 cm x 13.3 cm), and weighing just 9.6 oz. (about .27 kg), the Platypod eXtreme features a plate constructed of premium aircraft-grade aluminum, with a standard 3/8” titanium main bolt. The precision eXtreme utilizes stainless steel rubber-tipped legs, screws, and springs, and is designed to securely support camera/lens combinations up to 22 lbs.

As I mentioned above, the Kickstarter project for the Platypod eXtreme can be found HERE. There is also a special offer for people who back the project during the first 72 hours of the campaign. I always note to my readers that Kickstarter is not a store, and you may want to look over the Kickstarter basics HERE. That being said, the company behind the Platypod eXtreme has always delivered to their customers and their communication to backers, especially during the recent pandemic when some delays occurred, was excellent.

Full disclosure: I received no compensation or products for review from Platypod Pro.

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